13 Painting Techniques

For Beginners and Beyond

Acrylic Painting Techniques - Learn 13 Multiple Painting Techniques – Dry Brushing, Detailing, Scumbling, Washes, Scribbling, Wipe Out, Sfumato, Crosshatching, Glazing, Outlining, Mottling, Stippling, Houding and Peti Loc:

In this course, discover and learn a wide range of painting techniques are taught and will prepare the student for creative exploration. These techniques help the student develop their own independent painting styles. Brush handling, brush pressure, brush loading and execution are incorporated into each lesson while the student works towards the desired result.

Complete 5 paintings - (Leaves, leaves and grapes, strawberry leaves, poppy flower, petit loc design)

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  • Taught using DecoArt Traditions Artist
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