Introduction to Value - Mexican Sunset

For Beginners and Beyond

Mexican Sunset - Introduction to Value & Painting the Mexican Sunset Painting. Training the new artist to see value relative to composition.

  • Learn about value and light and how it applies to art in a composition.
  • Gain a better understanding for Notan and Contrast and discover the role they play to create drama in a painting.
  • Students create in-depth painting exercises help to reinforce these important concepts and principles of art. The instructors have developed a step by step process for separating values to show the effects of light. The layering of transparent color for dynamic visual effects is also stressed. Students apply what is learned as they paint the 'Mexican Sunset' painting. The material presented in this class is a 'must know' on every artist's list of educational experiences.
    (1 painting) Mexican Sunset
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  • Taught using DecoArt Traditions Artist Acrylic Paints.
  • Self paced for individual study