Greek Black Figure Vase with Gaby Hunter

Never Painted Before & For Beginners and Beyond

Tier One Class #3 - Structure of Color -Introduction to Color & Black Figure Vases - Seeing color with the standard Color Wheel and understanding the structure of color is the goal of this course. Learn how to create a Color Wheel and how to use Color Schemes for painting. Observe how the ancient Greek artists incorporated story telling into their art forms while you learn techniques for painting Black Figure Greek Vases. Artists depicted scenes from mythology and from everyday life as stories that are painted on clay vases. This class will open your eyes to the history of the color wheel and at the same time have fun painting an ancient art style. No prior skill required.Registration is ongoing, students may register for this course at anytime. Purchase here.

  • Once you have purchased the Course, you will receive a confrmation email and you can enter the classroom immediately.
  • Taught using DecoArt Traditions Artist
  • Self paced - students work along at their own pace.