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White Egret Online Video Tutorial by Gary Jenkins

Gary Jenkins presents Humming Bird with Roses in Oil

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Online Art Classes and Painting Lessons for the Beginning Artist who wants to learn how to paint and draw from the comfort of home. Online Art Classes are open 24/7 and registration is ongoing.

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Acrylic Painting For Beginners - Discover Paint, Pigments, Mediums and Color Relationships. 02-000-0001

Build a foundation in the language of color. Learn about selecting and understanding color pigments and artist's acrylic mediums. Why they are used and how this can make your painting techniques more effective. Learn about mixing, and managing pigments and colors. This online course is ongoing, students may register at any time. For more details and to register - Purchase Here


What is a medium? If someone asks which medium (singular) you use they are most likely asking if you are an oil painter, watercolorist, or an acrylic painter. Oil pastels, colored pencil and graphite artists all work in their chosen medium as do those artists who create non-traditional works of art. All these are referenced as mediums and sometimes as media. Mediums are also products used to enhance and manipulate paint. This Classroom contains videos and text lessons showing how to use Traditions Mediums which are products used with acrylic paint.